Thursday, December 20, 2012

Heavenly Hands

I wanted to share a sweet experience from my mission that has truly touched my heart forever. 

I was in my first area, Valdivia, Chile, and it was cold, rainy night.  We were in the poorest part of our area: tiny houses and dirt roads.  Well when you've got dirt roads, and lots of rain...that just makes for a really big mess!!

On this particular night we went to visit Carmen, our sweet investigators with 2 adorable sons.  When we got there we found Carmen stressed out to the rafters and not 3, but 4 rowdy boys!  Their cousins had come to play, but it proved too much for Carmen to handle.  She had a lot of cleaning to do and those little boys were not being good minders!  

We decided to teach those little hooligans a lesson!  First off I taught them ´´COWABUNGA!´´
 (For all those who aren´t members of my immediate family, let me explain the significance of this word.  When the parents say, ´´Cowabunga´´ you need to jump up, but your hands under your bum and then sit down on your hands and close your mouth!)
 ...Let me tell worked like a charm!!! :) hahaha They loved it!!!  They sat on their hands and kept their mouths super quiet....but if they got all rowdy and loud again I would call out: ´´COWABUNGA!´´ and back to little angels they became.  

We taught a great lesson about obedience...and I learned a great lesson about service.

During our lesson, the youngest little boy, Juanito (5 years old), got up and left the room.  When he returned, he had a wet rag in his hands.  Without a sound he came over to me, got down on his knees and began to wipe the dirt off of my boots. 

I lost track of what my companion was saying, as my mind was filled with the image of our Savior when He washed the feet of his twelve Apostles. 

´´There,´´ said little Juanito, as he looked at my clean, shiny boots.  He left the room again just as quietly as before, put the rag in the hamper, and then sat down and listened intently to the rest of our lesson. 

My heart was so touched by the little tender act of service by this small child.  He saw a need, and quickly responded without being asked to do so.  He shared his love with me through his tiny hands. Our Savior Jesus Christ is not here with us physically...but He is here through our hands.  We can be His heavenly hands by giving service and loving others. 

I will never forget little Juanito, nor the sweet feeling of peace and I love I felt that night.  He truly taught me that I too need to become like a little child and love so freely, give so much more, and serve without holding back.

Prego Moments :)

I was looking through some of the photos I took of this hot couple (brother and sister-in-law) over 2 1/2 years ago when Rach was pregnant with little Curt.  I found some funny ones that I about died laughing when I saw them!  I can't wait for this to happen again...bring on the BABIES!!!! :)  

(Mike...let Rachel be the only pregnant one this time...stop trying to steal her thunder ;) hahaha)

Adorable, ain't it?? :) 
Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Have Never Been Like This Before

While serving in the Chile Osorno Mission, I learned a lot about life, the world, the gospel, and myself.  I wrote this poem while I was serving as a missionary, in attempt to share my experiences and shed a little light about how the mission has changed my life.  
Just thought I would share that with you all :)

by Rachel Kitto
Chile Osorno Mission
I’ve never known the Fathers Plan, the way that I do now.
I’ve never seen so many smiles take the place of so many frowns.
I’ve never felt so protected by guardian angles from above,
I’ve never met so many so many strangers, and yet been filled with so much love.
I’ve never felt so inadequate, called to walk in the Savior’s shoes.
I’ve never been so very careful in everything I say and choose.
I’ve never been quite this exhausted, in all my days before.
I’ve never felt a greater joy, than when one desires to learn more.
I’ve never received so many letters, from loved ones of all ages,
I’ve never spent so many hours trying to speak this foreign language.
I’ve never been treated with so much kindness, or have been given so many hugs,
I’ve never been so red and swollen, as I have never been bit by so many bugs.
I’ve never learned a greater lesson in such a short amount of time.
I’ve never strived so hard before to do ‘’Thy will, not mine.’’
I’ve never said so many prayers, my knees now black and blue,
I’ve never had a deeper knowledge, that this great Church is true.
I’ve never felt so utterly rejected, then when the doors slammed in my face,
I’ve never loved my Savior more, or have been more grateful for His saving grace.
I’ve never had a clearer purpose, as a servant in God’s Kingdom,
I’ve never felt this close to Heaven, as I bring my brothers eternal freedom.
I’ve never felt so at home, in a land so far away,
I’ve never been quite this heartbroken, knowing that I cannot stay.
I’ve never known my inner strength, I feel like I could soar!
I’ve never been just quite like this, no; I’ve never been like this before.

Sedation :)

{ Funny story from my past }

"Yesterday was my third, and final, time of getting my wisdom teeth out....(long and not interesting story...I'll spare you).  But this time was different than the first two time.  In the first two procedures, I was wide AWAKE...I heard every crack and felt every makes me tingle just thinking about it!  

But this time was BLISS!!!  I was sedated: put out, unconscious, at rest, knocked out completely!!  It was heavenly!  One minute I was talking to the nurse....and the next thing I know I am sitting in a wheelchair in the waiting room. "How did I get here?!" I kept asking my dad who was sitting next to me.  He just grinned, amused by the situation and I began to giggle!  I could not help myself!  I laughed and I laughed and I who knows what exactly!

Then it was time to wheel me out to the car.  They wheeled me to the door, and then had me stand up to walk to the car.  When I stood up all I could say was, "Wow I am did I get so heavy??" haha I could not hold myself up!!   I felt like a baby lamb taking it's first steps.  The nurse laughed as she and my dad slowly walked me to the car, and said I would definitely not pass a drunk test.   As I fell into the car, the thought came back to me, "How did I get into that wheelchair in the waiting room?  Did they have to pick me up?  But how could they pick me up...I am so heavy!!"  Then I started to laugh again!  hahaha

When we got home, my dad waved hello to a neighbor...accidentally flipping them off in the process! hahahaha I could not restrain my giggles, nor the urge to tease my dad and flip him off when he opened the door for me! hahahha  I was extremely loopy!  I went inside, took some medicine, and slept for the rest of the day and night!"

Look Who's Back Again!

Where do I even begin?!?!

...........I'M HOOOOOOME!!!! do I make up for 21 months of not blogging!?  Which stories do I share first?!   Which pictures do I post?!  Should I start from the beginning, or start from where I am now and occasionally throw in a story from the past?  

It's kind of overwhelming....which is probably the reason why I have postponed this for the last 2 months that I have been home!  haha

Life is AMAZING.  I am HAPPY!! :)  

Coming home from my LDS mission (Osorno, Chile) was a lot harder than I truly had ever thought it would be.  I thought I would be the girl who would go home and just have her life in place!  I thought I would feel happy 24/7 and continue on living on the same spiritual high and excel in life.  Well....when I got home, my eyes were opened to my new reality.  Real life.  I had been so protected from all of the worldliness of the world for the past 18 months, and lived in peace and purity.  

The first week I was home my mom and sisters took me on a girls trip to the Shakespearean Festival to see Les Miserable.  
I was so excited!!  But as I sat in that dark theater, I was exposed to crude dancing, immodest dresses, and profane lyrics.....I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE.  I just started to BAWL!!  hahaha I didn't know what to do!!!  I closed my eyes and just started to pray.  I thanked my Father in Heaven for His love and for showing me what it was like to live A PART from the world. 

I felt out of place being home.  I felt like I lost my identity.  People would ask me about my plans for the future and about my ''experiences'' as a missionary....and I just didn't know how to respond.  I was a full-time representative for the SAVIOR, Jesus Christ, and now all of the sudden I am representing....myself.  There is no comparison there!  I felt so insignificant.  I became shy. I didn't know how to share those precious moments from my mission that were so sacred to me....and had changed my life forever.   I could not let myself enjoy watching a movie, or listening to the radio.  All I could think about were all of the different ways Satan was trying to confuse us or sell us on his ideas that would drag us down.  

The ONLY place where I felt truly safe, and at home, was at the TEMPLE. 

 There were no temptations, no distractions, no confusion, no crude language or actions, and no worldliness whatsoever.  I felt peace.  I felt joy.  I felt the pure love of my Heavenly Father.  I felt needed as I gave my time to the work of the Lord.  I felt appreciated for the work I was doing.  I felt happy.

Its now been 2 months, and I continue to go to the Temple every week.  It is the only thing that brings me true happiness and meaning.  It is my second mission.  I know that I have been sent to earth to WORK, to BUILD the Kingdom of God.  In fact, everyone on this earth has been sent with that mission!!  We are children of GOD.  He loves us all so much and wants us to return to live in His presence.  I know that by going to the Temple, I become closer to my Savior, and my Father in Heaven, and I am given the opportunity to help my brothers and sisters come closer to Them as well.

I am grateful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know that God lives and that He has blessed us with a Prophet in these latter-days to guide us and direct us, just like He did in the past.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He loves us more than we can comprehend.  He wants us to come unto Him, to follow His Son, Jesus Christ, and to become like Him.  We do that by learning His teachings, living them, and helping others to do the same.  This life is beautiful.  But it is not paradise.  It is our TEST.  It is our time to WORK.  It's no the time to live our dreams and get everything we have always wanted.  That time will come, along with NEVER-ENDING HAPPINESS.  But now is not the time.  Let us remember who we are and what we have been called here to do.  Let us save our brothers and sisters by sharing with them the truths of the Restored Gospel, and going to the temple.  

There is no greater joy than when you know you are working WITH the Lord, to do His work, and to bless His children.  :) :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally :)

It finally happened!!!

 < before

        after >

Everyone warned me that my teeth were going to feel "slimy and huge" ....boy I couldn't wait!!
I got to the Orthodontist with tear filled eyes...literally...
In no time at all the brackets were off and my teeth felt suuuuuuper slimy...yet rough as a scuffed up sidewalk!
They smoothed off the glue, and my tongue was instantly addicted to its new best friends!
The first thing I wanted to do was FLOSS!! It used to take me a good 10 minutes to feed the floss between the wires and then repeat that process over and over.  I was amazed when I finished a good flossing in less than a minute!  Oh the simple joys in life!
The first glance at my new smile was a bit awkward
"I look just like my brother." 
I felt timidly-naked as I smiled in the mirror...It was a bitter-sweet feeling...(I can't tell which one is the bitter and which one was the sweet...timid and naked?? hahaha)
It was strange looking in the I was spying on a strangers mouth...or at least my brothers...??
But soon it began to grow on me! At every stop light on the way home I had to check on them in the rear-view mirror...I don't know what I was looking for....just...checking them.
By the time I got home my smile was ear to ear and I couldn't hide my new smile even if I wanted to! 
My teeth were actually straight!! A sight I haven't seen in a very long time! 

What a neat experience to re-due a biggest regret (losing my retainer when I was 16 and never doing anything about it...) Never again!! I learned my lesson!!  This is my forever smile!!! ...And I am definitely ok with that! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spending time with Sisters

This month I have spent more time with my sisters than I have in my entire life!!! that might be very far from the actual truth...but it has sure felt that way!

We LOVE spending time together!!  There is no one that compares to their...uniqueness...hahahahaha
They are AMAZING!!! I look up to them in EVERY way and hope someday I can be just like them. :)

we party hard.

hahahha Welcome to my life! :)